Tuesday, 27 June 2017


First of all
We went to the assembly. when the assembly finish we went to different classes I went to room 7. In room 7 i did crafting and i made a cookie and a lantin. even we had a BBQ. Next we did some word find and made a cookie with icing on it and 7 spring stars when I finish my    cookie we leaved our cookies on the table. After that when mooning tea ball ring i grab my cookie and eat it . i went out to play outside on the playground. when the 2th ball ring we all went inside our classes and did some all staff in our class. Later on
When we finish doing our staff the it was lunch time we grab our lunch box out and eat our lunch and went out to play outside. In the end when lunch finish we pack our bags and went to assembly there was a fish tank outside by the building the end.

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